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Grass Bird Landscaping

Our Story

“We Love Lawns! Ever since I saw a nice cut lawn with rows, clean edge work, bushes trimmed in nice circles and the mulch work matching the house not to mention how it defines the flower bed. It made me want to have that experience for myself. The landscape I sought after has benefitted me with this feeling of warmth and comfort even after a long day after work. My home felt like mine and I could spot it out even if you moved it! After being asked by a few neighbors if I could mow their lawn. That’s when it hit me, I can share my Love for landscapes and the benefits it can bring to someone’s not only day but life. I knew what I had to do and that was start Grass Bird Landscaping!”

-Eric Perkins (Owner/Operator)


Our main goal is to share the awesome feelings of owning a beautiful landscape without the stress of doing it yourself!

We value hard work, quality in the small details and creating a positive change!