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Grass Bird Landscaping

We love lawns!

Fixed Price Projects

We charge our customers based on Sq. Ft. for mowing services.

Size by Foot of bush for trimming.

Mulching Services measured by Sq. Ft.

Before and After

We love lawns! I will always offer/send before and after pictures. We like to see the progress and love the share on that experience!

Quick Quotes

It takes 24/48 hours after inquiry for our team to provide a Guarantee Quote! (All Quotes are good for 30 Days from Quotes)


We love lawns! We love them so much it became our job! Mowing, Edging/Trimming, and cleaning up! This is our most basic service and how we calculate our price based on the size of the grass that needs to be cut! We use Sq. Ft. or Arches to do so.

Bush Trimming

We offer bushing trimming and maintenance! Prices are based off the size of the bush measured in Feet.


Flower beds are hard to maintain, but beautiful to look at! We offer mulching services, weed clearing and small bush removal. These prices are based on the size of the flower bed or mulch bed measured in Sq. Ft.

We Offer Leaf Clean up!

“Excellent work ethic and a thorough job with attention to detail. Service was professional and satisfying. Money well spent for outstanding service.”

Joe g.

“I am so happy to have found This service! I needed my two from Beds cleared due to me not being able to from health issues and was blown away! They were very fast to reply and were able to get the job done in a very short amount of time! That is a huge stress off me! The cleanup after was amazing as well. Will keep this company in mind for anything else we will need! Thanks, so much again!”

Kristen C.

“Did a great job taking care of the yard while I was away for work over 3wks. He cut 1.46 acres with a self-propelled push mower. Hard working company and was in direct contact with myself and my wife every step of the way. Highly recommend this company!”

William W.